HDFView on macOS Big Sur


HDFView 3.1.0 worked fine until I installed the new macOS Big Sur, now when I try to open a file it gives me the following error:

This is putting me a bit in panic mode because I really need it.
Does anyone know how to fix it? The file seems fine when I explore it in Python with h5py, so it’s not corrupted or anything. Cheers


I have the same problem, and communicated to hdfgroup support. Recompiling did not solve the problem. The hdfgroup communicated that they also have Big Sur and will create a version (hopefully soon)


Thank you very much for letting me know


The newest update, HDFView 3.1.2, fixed it for me!


Is there any update on this? I am running BigSur and cannot open HDFView 3.1.2 at all.


We have recently got our machine up and running, working through issues- we are scheduled to be working on HDFView soon.



Hello I was wondering is there are any workarounds to install HDFView-3.1.2 on macOS Catalina?


Working on it this month.