HDFView not displaying complex dataset with array of compound type

I have created an HDF file that contains a dataset with 2 fields. Each field is a compound datatype (the same datatype). In that compound datatype, one of the fields is an array of a compound datatype. When I use h5dump to dump the dataset, I get what I expected, the value is an array of values. But when I look at the dataset in HDFView the compound datatype does not end up under the main datatype and the values get cascaded into the next field.
So my questions is

  1. Can HDFView handle a compound data type that contains an array of compound datatypes?

Yes for the most part. In the latest development code and upcoming release HDFView-3.3.0.

We can display (No editing) a compound datatype in a compound datatype at least one level. Deeper levels may be displayed as an array of values.

Container of containers processing was added to the HDF5 Java Native library in the last releases. Variable length and arrays are working, but compounds have limited functionality.