HDFView crashes JVM with SIGFPE (8) while loading a library

I installed the latest version of HDFView with bundled JVM. I tried with existing JVM (which was also 1.6.0-b105) on our system, and the same thing happened. I ran the hdfview.sh script with debug option and I put the output to the screen in console.out. The JVM error file is in hs_err_pid6600.log.

Looking at the log file, It seems there is a Floating point exception in ld-linux (which loads shared libraries) during the java call to loadLibrary(), though I can't tell which library it's currently trying to load as it only says java.lang.String.

Has anyone had similar problem or have any ideas about what to do to fix it?

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console.out (5.07 KB)

hs_err_pid6660.log (22.3 KB)