HDFView and Dimensions

I am trying to write our data into an HDF5 file that will be "easy" to view in HDFView. I am currently having an issue writing the dimensions of the data set in the correct order so I am looking for some information help me get straight what I need to write out.

Example: 3D data set with anything from a Scalar to an MxN matrix at each "Point". Let's say that I have a Voxel 3D data set where at each point I have a 1Rx3C vector (could be RGB, Euler Angle, etc). The dimensions of the array are 512W x 384H x 128D and the data is laid out in memory so that the fastest to slowest moving dimension is 3 x 512 x 384 x 128. What should be the order in the "dims" array that gets passed to HDF5 to allow HDFView to display the data correctly? I can't even get this to work for a 1 x 512 x 384 x 128.

I can try and post some images if that helps.

Using HDFView version 11.5 on OS X 10.8.5.



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