HDFView and dimension scales

Unless I’m missing something, HDFView currently does not display dimension scales. Is there any plan to add support for this feature?


What HDFView are you using? I tried the HDFView 3.0 for macOS and could see dimension scales displayed. Do you expect some special way (icon) for them?

Dimension scales will appear as HDF5 datasets but have at least two special HDF5 attributes: CLASS with value DIMENSION_SCALE, and REFERENCE_LIST with values such as this: {1-32462690422, 1}.


Hi Aleksandar,

I am also using 3.0 on OS X. I should have been more specific about what I mean by “support” for dimension scales. While I certainly can view the contents of all the datasets, including those that have been made into dimension scales, HDFView does not appear to be aware that any special relationship exists between a dataset and its dimension scales. I can view a dataset’s attributes and see the list of object references, but I don’t think there’s an easy way for me to quickly navigate from a dataset to its dimension scales, for example.

Imagine that a dataset’s context menu had a “dimension scales” item that brought up a listing, by dimension, of that dataset’s scales. By clicking on items in the list, I could jump to that scale’s view. That hopefully illustrates more what I mean by “support” for dimension scales.



Hi Adam,

While not currently on our planned feature list, this is something that could be added to HDFView. I entered enhancement HDFVIEW-207 for this issue.