HDFView 3.0 cannot open files created with 1.8.18

I just installed HDFView 3.0 for Windows 64-bit. It can’t open any files created with HDF 1.8.18.
The error is “unsupported file format”
HDFView 2.14 has no issues with these files.


Do you have the MSVC++ 2015 x64 Runtime installed?

Windows ONLY: HDFView was built with VS 2015, and it requires that the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages be installed on your machine. If you cannot access HDF5 files then you do not have these packages. You can obtain them HERE.

I have the latest runtimes installed ( its a development machine with VC2015/2017 installed)

We discovered an issue with the build of the HDFView binaries and have reverted to the binaries based on the released hdf5 1.10.3 release. We have tested these and verified they work. However, please try downloading a binary and test.
We will make a more general announcement soon.


The reverted version works
Some notes…

Thank you for reporting! We will investigate.