HDFql installation on Windows for C++

Hello again friends,

I’m now again faced with a problem compiling HDFql this time on C++.

Reading the reference manual, it only mentions linking HDFql on windows using visual studio, but my project is a pretty complex project using a Makefile.

Therefore I was wondering if it was possible to link HDFql shared library using Makefile (I tried to add the flag
-I$(HDFQL_INCLUDE_DIR) in CXXFLAGS where HDFQL_INCLUDE_DIR = “C:\Software\hdfql-2.4.0\include”)
and add -L$(HDFQL_LIB_DIR) -lHDFql_dll to LDFLAGS where HDFQL_LIB_DIR = “C:\Software\hdfql-2.4.0\wrapper\cpp” but to no success

I’m using make (Mingw64), I can get the header to work, (std::cout<<“HDFql version:”<<HDFql::Version<<std::endl; works) but HDFql::execute(“CREATE AND USE FILE my_file.h5”); return unresolved symbol (probably because linking is not working)

Thanks for your help

Additionnal informations:

My Gcc Mingw-64 version is gcc.exe (x86_64-win32-sjlj, Built by MinGW-W64 project) 4.8.2
I’m using HDFql 2.4.0; and it works in fortran when compiling with VS2019 with shared library

My GCC correctly finds the HDFql_dll.lib

(attempt to open C:\Software\hdfql-2.4.0\wrapper\cpp/libHDFql_dll.dll.a failed
attempt to open C:\Software\hdfql-2.4.0\wrapper\cpp/HDFql_dll.dll.a failed
attempt to open C:\Software\hdfql-2.4.0\wrapper\cpp/libHDFql_dll.a failed
attempt to open C:\Software\hdfql-2.4.0\wrapper\cpp/HDFql_dll.lib succeeded)

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Hi @angelbillyguyon,

Did you manage to solve the issue at the end?


No I havn’t been able to solve this issue


I’m still trying to figure out a solution,
Since HDFql library have been built using visual studio, can I even link them on Eclipse?

Best regards,