HDFql in VisualStudio 2019


Hi Team,

We have got a requirement where we have to export and import compound/complex data type into h5/hdf5 file. We are using visual studio 2019 version. Can we use/install HDFql in this version? If yes please let me know the installation process.

Thanks in Advance.

Import and Export Compound data type using HDFql

Hi @charishma.k,

Yes, HDFql can definitely be used with Visual Studio (VS) 2019 as long as your code is compiled against HDFql shared library (and not the static library since it is only available for VS 2010, VS 2013 and VS 2015). Just download, e.g., HDFql VS 2015 (from https://www.hdfql.com/#download) and you can start using it off-the-shelf.

The installation process is quite simple and is described in section 2 of HDFql reference manual. To know how to compile code using HDFql shared library, please check section 3 of the same reference manual.

To recap, HDFql can import/export data (including compound/complex data types) from/into the following (check section 6.3 of the reference manual for additional details):

  • a cursor (only export)
  • a text file
  • a binary file
  • an Excel file
  • a (user-defined) variable

In the upcoming version of HDFql (2.5.0), it will also be possible to import/export data from a dataset or attribute (which might be stored in another HDF5 file). In conjunction with new HDFql post-processing capabilities (that we hope to be able to ship with this upcoming version too), this new way of importing/exporting data can do wonders. Example:


This example will:

  1. read a dataset named dset
  2. get the maximum value stored in dset
  3. write the value into an attribute named maximum which is attached to dset (if the attribute does not exist, it will be automatically created on-the-fly with a proper data type and dimensions).

Hope it helps!