HDF5DotNet Redistribution Dlls and File Not Found

Hi there,

I have a question on the runtime HDF5DotNet group of assemblies. Right now we can build our x64 .NET application successfully by including HDF5DotNet.dll as a reference in the project, but as soon as we come to execute it on a separate machine we get a “File Not found” exception. I’ve followed the instructions given on the HDF5.Net <http://hdf5.net/> website but to no avail.

There are actually two errors we are encountering which may or may not be related. The first is with the setup installer project for one of our 64 bit based applications indicating that the HDF5DotNet dll cannot be targeted for an x86 platform -although the project settings are configured for AnyCPU. The second is encountered during runtime testing by manually creating a production environment on a non-development machine. We get a “File Not Found” exception as soon as we try an call the HDF5 API via the HDF5DotNet wrapper. It indicates that either HDF5DotNet.dll can’t be found or one of its dependancies is missing. I’ve checked with the Dependency Walker and all files are found so I’m not sure why we are seeing a problem.

The files we are including in the runtime /bin directory are -

We also ran the HDF5 distribution installer and ensured the Windows Environment path was setup correctly.

Any help on identifying the source of the problem would be greatly appreciated!