HDF5DotNet library

Hi HDF5 Group,

Is there an up to date build or Visual Studio project for the HDF5DotNet for dot net version 4.7.2?

Thank you

No, it’s been unsupported for a long time. Please use HDF.PInvoke (Windows only) or HDF.PInvoke.1.10 (.NET Standard).


Dear Gerd,

Thank you for your reply. I have now understood the situation and have loaded the HDF.Pinvoke for a test application.
I cannot find any complete example C# projects using HDF.Pinvoke on which to start my learning process, are there any?

Thanks again

John, how about the tests in HDF.PInvoke? There’s also some material in the Wiki. OK?


Hi John,

At MARIN we have an Hdf5 configuration called H5M that has a writer implementation in .NET.
It contains a rudimentary object oriented façade / bridge to HDF.PInvoke which is generic and therefore sharable.

Rudimentary means the overall design leaves room for improvement and not all data types are supported yet. If you’re interested I can extract this bridge code and DM it if you like.


Hi Gerco,

Thank you for your reply. I have been able to create a first C# HDF test application by porting from a C++ example. Create, add groups & , a data set, then read them back. There were a few things which weren’t obvious, which is why I asked for a complete example. Its always easier to get started with a new software technology when you have something which works on which to base it :).