HDF5DotNet : How to create unlimited datasets?

I have found the tutorial for the straight up HDF5 API's, but nothing for

Is this the correct way to create an unlimited dataspace who's dataset
dimensions I can dynamically expand?

H5DataSpaceId myDataSpace = H5S.create_simple(1, new long[1] { 1 }, new
long[1] {(long)H5S.H5SType.UNLIMITED});

H5DataSpaceId myDataSpace = H5S.create_simple(1, new long[1] { 1 });

works fine for a fixed sized dataset written to that space (with just a
single element). But there is NO documentation on the .Net syntax for
using these API's!!

It's been a very frustrating 5+ days trying to get this API and file format
working. I'm hoping I'm just having learning curve growing pains and that
this "clicks" soon. Otherwise the decision to explore this format will go
over poorly... :frowning:

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