HDF5DotNet an unknown compound dataset

Hi everybody !

I've got a problem trying to read some compound dataset in HDF5 file using
HDF5DotNet Wrapper.

How to read a compound dataset without knowing in advance the memory
structure in C#?.

All the examples in C using structures already match the data structure of
the compound dataset.

Here is a snippet of code i've used:

                case H5T.H5TClass.COMPOUND:

                    TableFieldInfo oTableFieldInfo =

                    H5DataSetId oDatasetId = H5D.open(oGroupId,
                    H5DataTypeId oDataTypeId = H5D.getType(oDatasetId);

                    // Get the number of fields of the compound dataset
                    int numFields = H5T.getNMembers(oDataTypeId);

                    // Look at each of the member fields
                    for (int i = 0; i < numFields; i++)
                        H5T.H5TClass memberClass =
H5T.getMemberClass(oDataTypeId, i);

                        string memberName =
                        H5DataTypeId memberDataTypeId =
H5T.getMemberType(oDataTypeId, i);
                        int nOffset = H5T.getMemberOffset(oDataTypeId, i);
                        int nLength = (int)H5T.getSize(memberDataTypeId);

                        Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Member Name: {0};
Class: {1}; Length: {2}", memberName, memberClass.ToString(),


                    H5D.read(oDataSetId, oDataTypeId, new

                    /* For Testing purpose */
                    IntPtr[] off = oTableFieldInfo.fieldOffset;
                    IntPtr[] size = oTableFieldInfo.fieldSize;
                    IntPtr[] type_taille = oTableFieldInfo.typeSize;

By what i can replace the interrogation marks at the line:
H5D.read(oDataSetId, oDataTypeId, new H5Array<???>(???));

I've rewrite the H5BTtead_fields_name high-level function in C# but the
problem remain because we need to put a structure for the H5D.read()

Thanks for help !

Rackamm, how are you? I'M traveling at the moment and will get back to you later in the week/early next week. The general approach I'VE taken involves dynamically generating/loading .NET code. You'd read the dataset into memory as a byte array and then use BitConverter and the information you've gathered using the H5T interface to create the kinds of .NET objects you'll use downstream.

Best, G.

Was this answered? I’m dealing with the same question (C#, reading unknown compound attributes).


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