hdf5 vs hf file


Whats the difference between the .h5 file and hdf5 file ? Is there even one ?



Both conventions can be used for HDF5 file. HDF5 library doesn’t require any specific file name extension.



No. If you wanna be mean, just call them *.txt :neutral_face: The HDF5 library doesn’t care. G.


hdfview uses .h5 and .hdf5 for search filters


Hi Allen,

Since HDF5 files may have different extensions (or no extensions at all), it will be good to extend the search filter to show other extensions, for example, HDF-EOS5, NeXus, netCDF files (both in HDF4 and HDF5 format), others TBD, and also have a search button that finds all HDF5 files.

Thank you!


Right. HDFView uses those as the most likely defaults, but the search filter can be changed to search on any extension.


Can the defaults be changed? G.