HDF5 utilities in LINUX

After jamming text file with in.hdf5 i created out.hdf5
When I check for the difference between in and out file I am not getting any
why is it so??

Hi Chandak,

It looks like you are using h5jam. Is that right?

h5jam will add information to the userblock, a space at the beginning of the HDF5 file that is not interpreted by HDF5.

If you use h5diff to compare the original HDF5 file with the new ‘jammed’ file, the files will be the same even though their sizes should be different.

h5dump -B will show the contents of the superblock, which includes the size of the userblock. The userblock size will be 0 if nothing is written to the userblock.

If you added ASCII text to the userblock of an HDF5 file, you can be lazy and do a “more” on the file to see it.


Thanks Barbara for you help