HDF5-UDF runs on macOS!


Greetings, all

I’m happy to announce that User-Defined Functions for HDF5 has been ported to macOS! All three backends are supported: UDFs can be written in Python, Lua, and C/C++. The Python bindings have also been updated.

The only limitation of this port is that it doesn’t have support for sandboxing yet. I do have some ideas on how to implement that. If you’d like to volunteer please let me know so we can work together on this one.

I hope that this port serves as a starting point so that support for other operating systems can be incorporated in the near future. If you have interest and time, please do reach out to me! :slight_smile:

Please follow the build instructions to get started on how to install and run HDF5-UDF on macOS.

Have fun!


I read somewhere on the Internet that the whole thing is a piece of malware. Why bother? :thinking:


Ha! Failing to incorporate support for sandboxing would probably result on the inclusion of HDF5-UDF on that list :joy: