HDF5-UDF 1.1 released

Hello there!

Here comes a new release of HDF5-UDF – a tool that enables the procedural generation of datasets using user-defined functions (UDFs). Among other things, HDF5-UDF enables access to the network so your datasets can be dynamically produced based on data from sensors, web services, and more – without having to change a single line of regular tools that already know how to read HDF5.

Release 1.1 comes with the following major improvements over the first version of the tool:

  • Support for input datasets with variable- and fixed-sized string datatypes
  • Support for input datasets with a compound datatype
  • Ability to handle Python bytecode from versions 3.1 – 3.8
  • Support for Clang (in addition to GCC)

Please visit the announcement page for more details. There are binary packages for Debian and Fedora. Instructions on how to build from the source code or on how to install from binary form are available here.

Have fun!

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