HDF5 Tools installation on Redhat Linux

Hi, I want to use h5diff command line tool in order to compare the two HDF5 files on Linux platform. I have no idea how to proceed with the installation of HDF5-tools on Redhat Linux. TIA!

The HDF5 command-line utilities (including h5diff) are usually distributed alongside the HDF5 library.


Hi Gheber,

Thanks for replying but consider me noob to Linux platform. Though, i will try and answer your queries to the best of my knowledge:

  • its RHEL 7.6.
  • `yum list available hdf5 returns nothing?
  • Latest version of HDF5, basically i need to work with h5diff utility to compare to hdf5 files.
  • Binaries would be sufficient.

Thanks for your response.

How about hdf5-1.12.0-linux-centos7-x86_64-static-production.tar.gz? G.

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