HDF5 Read for Unity

Hi everyone,

I am trying to read .h5 file in unity for my master’s thesis. Is it possible? If it is how can I do it? If not what do you suggest me to do?

Thank you

Congrats to your masters! Can you tell us about this unity? --the world is big, and we might not know what you do. What I can tell is you could try h5cpp, an easy to use c++ interface with pythonic syntax, export your calls as C then link against your freshly minted library.

The longer way is to make direct calls to HDF5 C API
Best: steve

Thank you for congrats :slight_smile: Unity is game engine which uses c# as scripting language. It generates ios and android builds as well. I have found this repo on github which says HDF so I wanted to ask.

Thank you

Thanks for sharing. Yes indeed PInvoke is Gerd Heber’s excellent work, which I shamefully never get to try due to little, if any Microsoft exposure.
Take a look at HDF5 CAPI documentation to have a better understanding.
As for C# let’s see others chiming in.
best: steve

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Can you suggest me any C# documentation? I am stuck in BadImageFormatException error and cant find a solution. I found this but couldn’t find a way to solve the error. I didn’t find response so far from this issue as well.