HDF5 parallel installation


Hi everyone, I want to install " hdf5-parallel " on the following high performance computer (HPC) system: https://ccse.jaea.go.jp/computer/index_eng.html

Please, could someone guide me how to install it on the HPC.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Hirotaka Nakahara


Hi developers no suggestions !!

  1. Download a copy of the source code from here.
  2. Unpack and follow the instructions in hdf5/release_docs/INSTALL_parallel.




Thanks G. I will follow your advice.


You should also check with your IT team if there’s a version of HDF5 pre-installed on the system.



Thank you. I will check with the system administrator.


I check with the IT team and they told me that there is an older version (1.12.0) of HDF5 pre-installed on the system.

Is it possible to install two versions of HDF5 ? I need to install the latest version.

Thank you G


Yes, that’s not a problem if you build and run your application against the intended version. If you link your application statically, there’s no runtime dependence. Otherwise, you must ensure your LD_LIBRARY_PATH picks up the intended shared library.



Thank you so much G. You really helped me a lot.

Thanks again.