HDF5 on MCU Cortex M-3?

We are working on an ioT sensor project and would like to store 5 days worth of raw sensor data.
Considering to use HDF5 and wondering if there is someway to do this.



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AFAIK the ARM cortex M-3 doesn’t have MMU, which means no linux either. Are you planning to run ulinux?
If sending the data over wire to a computer with supported OS is an option, you may be interested in H5CPP and the h5::append packet table example combined with IP/UDP stack – cheap on the MCU. You can model the system with zeroMQ if you wish…

best: steve

Thanks Steven for your reply.
ulinux… hmm. that sounds interesting, never heard of it before. I went to the project page and it says that they stopped working on it because of lack of interest. Is there a ulinux distro that you recommend?

“If sending the data over wire to a computer with supported OS”
H5CPP works on the MCU?
Would it work to send it to a IOS or Android app ?

No, H5CPP has an HDF5 dependency, which has requirements. I meant you would have to run the packet receiver on some computer with supported OS.

I just wanted to point out that generally MCU-s don’t have MMU so you may have complication of compiling a linux on it – and libhdf5.
hope it helps…