HDF5 on Apache beam


I am working with the Google Cloud Apache Beam team to process HDF5 reader. I am working with bioinformatics data that is save as H5 file.
The developers of Apache Beam are happy to help.
Could you please let me know what would be the right way to proceed.

Bet regards,

Following is the email of the google team:

HDF group, nice to meet you. I’m happy to help write
a HDF5 source for Apache Beam Python SDK. I have mentioned few links below
that might be useful. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Documentation for Apache Beam: https://beam.apache.org/documentation/
Documentation for Apache Beam Python SDK:
A document on writing new sources and sinks for Python SDK:
Apache Beam contribution guide:

Hi Eila

I reached out to you directly to discuss.

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