HDF5 - Compilation problem with fortran and parallel

Hi there.

I’m trying to install hdf5 to use with netcdf but when I try to compile, if the value of FC is “gfortran” I have a language Fortran: yes and Parrallel HDF5: NO. If I change FC to mpif90, I’ve got Fortran: no and Parallel HDF5: yes.

Is it possible both of them are set with yes?

HDF5 version = 1.8.12
Description: Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS
Release: 16.04
Codename: xenial

Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2650 v4 @ 2.20GHz

Compiler fortran = gfortran and mpif90

Command for configure:
./configure --enable-shared --enable-parallel --enable-fortran --prefix=/usr/local/hdf5-1.8.12 --with-zlib=/usr/local/lib

Thank You!

Julio Freitas

Hi Julio,

Please make sure that you use mpicc compiler when building with parallel (CC environment variable) along with setting FC to mpif90.

Please see installation instructions in the source code or at https://support.hdfgroup.org/ftp/HDF5/current/src/unpacked/release_docs/INSTALL_parallel.

Good luck!