HDF5/CMake - Tests failing and causing assert.

In one of the tests I am getting an Assert on Windows during execution
of the h5jamgentest.exe. HDF5 was built as a DLL, 32 bit, Debug mode
on Windows 7 x64 using VS2008 Standard Ed.

The line in question is in the CRT file open.c at line 161.

msvcr90d.dll!_sopen_helper(const char * path=0x00fc8148, int
oflag=770, int shflag=64, int pmode=511, int * pfh=0x00d7fc4c, int
bSecure=1) Line 161 + 0x35 bytes C
msvcr90d.dll!_sopen_s(int * pfh=0x00d7fc4c, const char *
path=0x00fc8148, int oflag=770, int shflag=64, int pmode=511) Line
907 + 0x1b bytes C
msvcr90d.dll!_creat(const char * path=0x00fc8148, int pmode=511)
Line 46 + 0x18 bytes C
h5jamgentest.exe!create_textfile(const char * name=0x00fc8148,
unsigned int size=10) Line 336 + 0x11 bytes C

Seems there is an issue trying to create the file: U10.txt. Odd.

Also, just FYI, the following tests are failing:
testh5repack_detect_szip (probably because I do not have SZip enabled).

Seems for some of these tests there may be issues with some of the
file paths produced with in the code. Just a guess but I thought I
would let everyone know what has been accomplished this week. I can
send a detailed log if anyone is interested.


Mike Jackson mike.jackson@bluequartz.net
BlueQuartz Software www.bluequartz.net
Principal Software Engineer Dayton, Ohio