HDF5 build for VS2013_64 + fortran (Intel) on WIN7

Hi! I’m trying to build HDF5 for my Fortran projects.
Following standard cmake instructions I’m able to build HDF5 for C++ only. Enabling fortran support results in failed build (Fortan compiler is Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler . Sorry, can’t upload log file since I’m a new user.

The main source of errors seem to be that it cannot find parameters HADDR_T, C_INT8_T, HID_T

35>D:\distributives\HDF5\CMake-hdf5-1.12.0\hdf5-1.12.0\fortran\src/H5f90global.F90(67): error #6683: A kind type parameter must be a compile-time constant. [HADDR_T]

35>D:\distributives\HDF5\CMake-hdf5-1.12.0\hdf5-1.12.0\fortran\src/H5f90global.F90(75): error #6683: A kind type parameter must be a compile-time constant. [C_INT8_T]

35>D:\distributives\HDF5\CMake-hdf5-1.12.0\hdf5-1.12.0\fortran\src/H5f90global.F90(87): error #6683: A kind type parameter must be a compile-time constant. [HID_T]

Any ideas how to fix it?

Can you try 1.12.1? There were some config time changes that may affect this.


Allen, thank you for reply!

I tested 1.12.1 in the same way as 1.12.0 and I found that in the case 1.12.1 even C++ version can’t be build for VS2013 generator. All these tests I did under clean Win7x64 setups in separate virtual machines (Virtual Box). I tested it with Intel fortan compilers 2017 and 2019. It seems that something is broken in internal build configurations of these new versions of HDF5. Also I noticed, that binary executables offered officially at hdfgroup.org don’t include versions for VS2013. Only VS2010, 2015, 2017, 2019 are available. May be it is not coincidence and I was lucky to fall into that bad config case.

Now I’m switching to testing builds under VS2015.


We have moved our minimum supported version of VS to 2015. We try not to break older versions, but limited resources prevent us from supporting older versions.


Thank you, Allen, it was very instructive!

FWIW, we don’t support Visual Studio versions before 2015 due to poor C99 support.