HDF5 1.8.6-pre2 is available for testing

--- Mar 9/11/10, Mike McGreevy ha scritto:

Hi everyone,

A new pre-release candidate of our HDF5 1.8.6 release is
available for testing, and can be downloaded at the
following link:


If you have some time to build and test this within the
next week, it would be highly appreciated. We have addressed
some issues exposed during the previous round of release
candidate testing related to parallel HDF5, so focus on
parallel applications and tests would additionally be
greatly appreciated. If there are no critical errors
reported, we hope to release on or around November 16th.

Thank you, all!

The HDF Team

Attached small patch to allow cyghdf5_hl-6.dll
building on cygwin as it depends on cyghdf5-6.dll.
I guess it is not problem for other targets.

Building with

configure --with-zlib \
          --with-gnu-ld \
          --enable-shared \
          --enable-threadsafe \
          --with-pthread \

all TESTs passed on cygwin-1.7.8 snapshots.


hdf5-1.8.6-pre2-1.src.patch (877 Bytes)