hdf5 1.8.18 VS2010 x32 compiled fail 2 test ?

I launched the compilation of hdf5 1.8.18 in visual studio 2010 with these results:
2 - H5TEST-testhdf5 (Timeout)
12 - H5TEST-dt_arith (Failed)
can be a problem ?

the compile results:
0 Compiler errors
376 Compiler warnings

I need to use hdf5 on Visual Studio 2010 x32 and x64 can be a problem ?
there’s any possiblity to compile hdf5 1.8.20 with vs2010?

Hello Giuseppe,

The “testhdf5” test is an important test to have pass, but in this case it timed out, so it is no clear if there is an issue. You could try again when nothing else is running to see if it passes.

There are known rounding issues with the “dt_arith” test, so that can be ignored for now.


Ok may thanks Barbara,
but the question is basically which version is totally compatible with vs2010 x32 or x64? now I work more with x64 1.8.14, I hope to work with the latest (1.10.1) version if compatible

Hi Giuseppe,

The release notes list the platforms/compilers that are supported/tested. HDF5-1.10.2 does not support VS 2010, but if it builds and the tests pass, then it should be fine to use. HDF5-1.8.14 did support VS 2010.

See the release notes here:

HDF5-1.10.2: https://portal.hdfgroup.org/display/support/HDF5%201.10.2#releasenotes
HDF5-1.8.14: https://portal.hdfgroup.org/display/support/HDF5+1.8.14

Hi Barbara
In the end I checked and the last version that in the release notes writes vs2010 and the 1.8.15 patch 1
But regarding my log I know that in compiling the version 1.8.14 x64 I have 0 errors and 1132 compiler warnings and 19 tests fail:
1419 - H5DUMP-tgroup-2 (Failed)
1423 - H5DUMP-tdset-2 (Failed)
1431 - H5DUMP-tattr-3 (Failed)
1447 - H5DUMP-tslink-D (Failed)
1469 - H5DUMP-tcomp-3 (Failed)
1477 - H5DUMP-tall-1 (Failed)
1511 - H5DUMP-tarray1_big (Failed)
1541 - H5DUMP-tall-2A (Failed)
1543 - H5DUMP-tall-2A0 (Failed)
1545 - H5DUMP-tall-2B (Failed)
1567 - H5DUMP-tperror (Failed)
1671 - H5DUMP-tdataregR (Failed)
1673 - H5DUMP-tattrregR (Failed)
1696 - H5DUMP-torderlinks1 (Failed)
1698 - H5DUMP-torderlinks2 (Failed)
1702 - H5DUMP-textlinksrc (Failed)
1704 - H5DUMP-textlinkfar (Failed)
1706 - H5DUMP-textlink (Failed)
1708 - H5DUMP-filter_fail (Failed)
i not find yet one version with all the tests passed for vs2010 !
Do you know that someone has managed to compile some version with all the tests passed?