HDF5-1.10.7-1 (pre1) source available for testing

Hello everyone,

A pre-release version of HDF5 1.10.7 source (hdf5-1.10.7-1) is available for testing and can be downloaded at the following link:

This release contains many important new features and changes, including:
• HDF5 now supports building with the AEC library as a replacement library for SZip.
• CVE-2018-13870, CVE-2018-13869 and CVE-2018-17435 were fixed in this release.
• Metadata cache optimization was added to improve performance.
• A CMake option was added to link generated Fortran MOD files into the include directory.
• Autotools and CMake options were added to enable or disable file locking. C functions and C++, Fortran and Java wrappers were also added for setting and getting the file locking parameters.
• The Splitter VFD was added. It maintains separate R/W and W/O channels for ”concurrent” file writes to two files using a single HDF5 file handle.
• The Mirror VFD was added. It uses TCP/IP sockets to perform write-only (W/O) file I/O on a remote machine
• Internal memory sanity checking was disabled in Autotools debug builds by default. The sanity checking replaced C API malloc(3) and free(3) calls with HDF5 internal calls, which caused problems with the external filter plugins.
• Several tools issues were fixed (h5diff, h5repack).
• The High Level H5DSis_scale function was fixed to correctly handle CLASS and DIMENSION_SCALE attributes that were not written according to the Dimension Scales Specification.

For details about these and other changes or more information about the release see https://gamma.hdfgroup.org/ftp/pub/outgoing/hdf5/hdf5-1.10.7-1-RELEASE.txt or https://portal.hdfgroup.org/display/HDF5/Software+Changes+from+Release+to+Release+for+HDF5-1.10.

If you have time to test this release candidate, we would greatly appreciate it. We test HDF5 on a variety of platforms and with multiple compilers, but there is always a system that we couldn’t test on. Your feedback is critical.

For those who use autoconf to build HDF5, please notice that the default configuration mode for this distribution is “–enable-build-mode=production". Use the “–enable-build-mode=debug” configure flag if you want to build HDF5 in the debug mode. Testing in both modes is recommended when possible.

The shared library version numbers for lib.so.* files in HDF5-1.10.7-1 have been updated according to libtool’s versioning system and the changes in symbols from HDF5-1.10.6. The API compatibility report is at this link: https://gamma.hdfgroup.org/ftp/pub/outgoing/hdf5/hdf5-1.10.7-1-vs-1.10.6-preliminary-interface_compatibility_report.html.

Your prompt reports of any issues found will be invaluable and very much appreciated. Thank you and happy testing!
Larry Knox
The HDF Group

Hello all,

We have a second pre-release source version, HDF5-1.10.7-2 available for testing and can be dowloaded from https://gamma.hdfgroup.org/ftp/pub/outgoing/hdf5.

This version includes new code to fix a bug and simplify collective metadata write operation when some ranks have no entries to contribute. It fixes parallel regression test failures with IBM SpectrumScale MPI on the Summit system at ORNL and on other IBM Power8 and Power9 systems.

Testing the new version will be most helpful with parallel applications. Any testing of these pre-release that you can do is very helpful and most appreciated, We expect the final 1.10.7 release will be sometime next week.

Thank you!
Larry Knox

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