HDF5-1.10.6-pre1 source available for testing

Hello everyone,

A pre-release version of HDF5 1.10.6 source is available for testing and can be downloaded at the following link:

A brief summary of new features introduced in HDF5 1.10.6:

- Improved performance when creating a large number of small datasets.

- CMake: added support for VS2019.  Requires CMake version 3.15 on Windows.  Otherwise CMake on Windows requires CMake
  version 3.13 or later.  Other platforms require CMake version 3.10 or later.

- Added CMake options to disable building of static libraries.

- Added configure options to enable/disable building tests and tools.

- Several bugs were fixed.  

For details about these and other changes or more information about the release see https://gamma.hdfgroup.org/ftp/pub/outgoing/hdf5/hdf5-1.10.6-pre1-RELEASE.txt or https://portal.hdfgroup.org/display/HDF5/Software+Changes+from+Release+to+Release+for+HDF5-1.10.

If you have time to test this release candidate, we would greatly appreciate it. We test HDF5 on a variety of platforms and with multiple compilers, but there is always a system that we couldn’t test on. Your feedback is critical.

For those who use autoconf to build HDF5, please notice that the default configuration mode for this distribution is “–enable-build-mode=production". Use the “–enable-build-mode=debug” configure flag if you want to build HDF5 in the debug mode. Testing in both modes is recommended when possible.

The shared library version numbers for lib.so.* files in HDF5-1.10.6-pre1 have been updated according to libtool’s versioning system and the changes in symbols from HDF5-1.10.5. The API compatibility report is at this link: https://gamma.hdfgroup.org/ftp/pub/outgoing/hdf5/hdf5-1.10.6-pre1-vs.1.10.5-preliminary-interface_compatibility_report.html.

Your prompt reports of any issues found will be invaluable and very much appreciated. Thank you and happy testing!

Larry Knox
The HDF Group

It is possible to have a similar link for download of the
final version ?

For the cygwin package build I was used to just pull the code
directly from our build script that use wget, but your
FTP server is now closed

The TOO SMART mail filter cut half of the mail
confusing it for my signature…

HERE the rest

$ cygport hdf5.cygport download
–2020-01-17 06:22:10–
=> ‘hdf5-1.10.6.tar.bz2.tmp’
Resolving ftp.hdfgroup.org (ftp.hdfgroup.org)…
Connecting to ftp.hdfgroup.org (ftp.hdfgroup.org)||:21…
Logging in as anonymous …
The server refuses login.

Your available download solution instead require to manually
open with a browser

click on the tar.bz2 download and save the file in the needed directory.
It is clearly a waste of time that requires human interaction.

Best Ragards

Hi Marco,

You can find the HDF5 source code (only) here:

Here is the wget command to download the HDF5-1.10.6.tar.gz file:
wget https://support.hdfgroup.org/ftp/HDF5/releases/hdf5-1.10/hdf5-1.10.6/src/hdf5-1.10.6.tar.gz