hdf5-1.10.6 dtransform test fails on macOS 10.14 XCode 11.3

I’m building and testing hdf5-1.10.6 on macOS 10.14 with XCode 11.3.1 latest. Build and tests work fine in debug mode, but when I build and execute tests in release mode, then test dtransform fails. Here is the exact output:
99% tests passed, 1 tests failed out of 2067
Total Test time (real) = 360.41 sec
The following tests FAILED:
55 - H5TEST-dtransform (Failed)

I’ve checked the logs and could find in test/H5TEST/dtransform.txt:
Testing contiguous, no data type conversion (char->char) FAILED

and in test/H5TEST/dtransform.txt.err:
ERROR: Conversion failed to match computed data

I’m not sure where to go from here. The same build and tests (identical settings) works for me on Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7 Linux and on MSVC with VS2017 and VS2019 (everything 64bit builds). I’ve also checked with hdf5-1.10.5 if this is a regression but it shows the same error.

The same happens with hdf1-1.12.0. Anyone?