HDF5-1.10.0-alpha1 Release

Release of HDF5-1.10.0-alpha1



The HDF5-1.10.0-alpha1 release is now available. It can be obtained
from The HDF Group Downloads page:


It can also be obtained directly from:


Documentation can be found in:


HDF5-1.10.0-alpha1 contains the following changes as well as those
included in HDF5-1.10.0-alpha0:

o The HDF5 Collective Metadata I/O feature has been added to improve
   performance when reading and writing data collectively with Parallel

   Calls for HDF5 metadata can result in many small reads and writes. On
   metadata reads, collective metadata I/O can improve performance by
   allowing the library to perform optimizations when reading the metadata,
   by having one rank read the data and broadcasting it to all other ranks.

   Collective metadata I/O improves metadata write performance through the
   construction of an MPI derived datatype that is then written collectively
   in a single call.

   For more information see the Collective Metadata I/O Documentation:


o An issue has been fixed in which the h5format_convert tool did not
   correctly update the version of the superblock.

HDF5-1.10-0-alpha0 included these features:

   - Concurrent Access to an HDF5 File: Single Writer / Multiple Reader (SWMR)
   - Virtual Dataset (VDS)
   - Scalable Chunking indexing
   - Persistent Free File Space Tracking

See the alpha1 release notes for complete details on what is included in
this release: