HDF-View 3.3.0 crashes on File open - requires new .jar-file?

We have approx. 50 users in our company who use HDFView 3.3.0 on Windows. It crashes on opening up certain files. Since 3.1.0 worked for us (but is no longer an option for us due to the package including Oracle Java), I’m curious why this happens. Is there any possibility how I can see logs on HDFView in Windows?

Maybe it has something to do with the issue mentioned here: HDFView 3.3.0 crashes on a HDF4 file · Issue #120 · HDFGroup/hdfview · GitHub
But a fix doesn’t seem to be implemented in the current available version of HDFView yet.

Yes, 3.3.0 has two issues, both with hdf4, the xdr.dll was not deployed and there was a allocation fault with floating point. Both issues have been addressed in development code (copy xdr.dll) and the patch release of hdf-4.2.16-2. We have some hardware issues with our build release machines - once that is sorted, we will have a 3.3.1 release immediately.

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