HDF: The Next 30 Years (Part 2)

Hello again to the HDF User Community!

We have a LOT of ideas of how The HDF Group can drive towards sustainability through new Products and Services, but we want to hear from you. The HDF Group exists because of all the dedication and support that you have shown us over many years, and we want to know how the HDF platform can help you succeed with your own projects + initiatives. We're creating 2 ways for you to connect directly with me and the engineering team:

2017 Roadmap Survey: LINK<https://hdf-group.typeform.com/to/DtJFsu>
We're looking for feedback on a variety of ideas that we've brainstormed internally and in collaboration with key folks in the HDF Community over the past 6 months. We're specifically looking at efforts that create premium (i.e. paid) services and products that build on our open source core.

Live Focus Groups: LINK<https://hdf-group.typeform.com/to/CqhUG5>
In addition to the survey, we're offering 3 live + interactive meetings over the next month where you can provide unfiltered feedback on the following topics:

  * HDF5 in the Cloud: AWS/Google/Azure + Object Storage
  * HDF5 in Hadoop
  * HDF5 Core Roadmap: what additional features + functionality are you looking for?
We're excited about the opportunities ahead, but we depend on you to help us be successful. I'm looking forward to engaging in a deeper dialogue with you and driving forward in 2017.

Dave Pearah
The HDF Group

Check out the full blog post here: LINK<https://www.hdfgroup.org/2016/10/hdf-the-next-30-years-part-2/>