HDF Project for storing Time-Series storage of Physiological Waveforms - ECG etc

Hello Scott and Pierre,
Thank you Pierre for the link that you sent earlier ago through the forum. I am currently going through them but really having difficulty to analyze if they have the correct setup for the physiological real-time waveforms that we want to collect, archive and then analyze for further analytics.

Does anyone or you guys perhaps have the Database Schema that if you don't mind sharing with me? I know a lot of groups who are looking for the same type of system but are having major difficulty finding a good fit for physiological waveforms. I looked at the www.physionet.org project but its more for static data instead of real-time. We really need to look into the database schema so as to understand how and what will be saved into the database.

Can it be translated to the Linux OS platform? I thought .Net was not really meant for analyzing real-time data?

Thank you,
Kind regards