HDF.PInvoke without szip and zlib

Can I use HDF.PInvoke without szip.dll and zlib.dll?

I want to make a function creating HDF5 in my product by .NET. And then, I want use HDF.PInvoke.
When I use szip and zlib in a commercial product, I have to conclude a commercial contract. I can not pay any effort to conclude.

Yes, you can. It would require a minor effort on your part in the following sense:

  1. You’d have to build a version of the native HDF5 library with both compression methods disabled. SZip is disabled by default and you’d just have to disable GZip (deflate) compression. (There are CMake/Autotools flags to do that.) For a sanity check, run dumpbin /DEPENDENTS on your DLL to verify that the compression dependencies are gone.
  2. You’d have to comment out/remove the corresponding methods from H5Ppublic.cs. Specifically, [get,set_deflate] and [get,set_szip].
  3. Build HDF.PInvoke.dll and you should be good to go.