HDF Newsletter #151

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                             Newsletter #151
                              July 25, 2016

Release of HDF Java Products for HDF5-1.8 (HDFView 2.13 and HDF Java 3.2.1)

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the HDF Java Products. The
HDF Java Products are now separated into two products, HDFView 2.13 and
HDF Java 3.2.1. The HDF Java wrappers provided with this release are
compatible with HDF5-1.8 and 32-bit object identifiers.

The HDF Java Products can be obtained from The HDF Group Download page:


They can be obtained directly from the HDF Java Products Download page:


For more information on the HDF Java Products, see the home page:


The major changes in this release include:

  o HDFView and the Java HDF and HDF5 interfaces (JHI and JHI5) are now
    provided separately. The object libraries are packaged with HDFView.

  o HDFView on Windows is installed in the user's directory by default.
    The installation location can be changed by selecting the Advanced
    button and modifying the Installation Scope (just after invoking the

  o The Java package names for JHI5 and JHI have changed to "hdf.hdf5lib"
    and "hdf.hdflib", respectively.

Please be sure to see the Release Notes for more information on what has
changed in this release:


For questions regarding these or other HDF issues, contact: