HDF Newsletter #134

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                             Newsletter #134
                              May 15, 2013

  . Release of HDF5-1.8.11
  . Release of h4mapwriter 1.0.5

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Release of HDF5-1.8.11

The HDF5-1.8.11 release is now available, and can be downloaded from the
HDF Group Downloads page:


It can also be obtained directly from:


HDF5-1.8.11 is a minor release, with several important new features and
changes, including:

   o The library can now load filter libraries dynamically during runtime.
     Users can set a search path through an environment variable
     (HDF5_PLUGIN_PATH) and call H5Pset_filter to enable the dynamic filter.
     For further information see:


   o Several new API functions were added:

     - H5Dscatter and H5Dgather enable data to be scattered to and
       gathered from a selection within a memory buffer.

     - Many Fortran APIs were added:

       h5odecr_refcount_f, h5oexists_by_name_f, h5oget_comment_f,
       h5oget_comment_by_name_f, h5oincr_refcount_f, h5oopen_by_idx_f,
       h5oset_comment_f, h5oset_comment_by_name_f

       F2003: h5oget_info_f, h5oget_info_by_idx_f, h5ovisit_by_name_f

     - A new High Level API, H5DOwrite_chunk, writes a data chunk directly
       into a file, bypassing hyperslab selection, data conversion, and the
       filter pipeline. For more information see:


   o Support was added for Sun OS 5.11 (32-bit, 64-bit) with the Sun C/C++
     5.12 compiler and the Sun Fortran 95 8.6 compiler.

   o Support was added for Visual Studio 2012 with Intel Fortran 13 on
     Windows 7.

     We are working on porting HDF5 to Windows 8. If you are interested in
     using HDF5 with Windows 8, please contact The HDF Group Helpdesk at

   o The CMake build on Windows will no longer use legacy naming for the
     libraries. The "dll" tag will no longer be added to the name of *.lib
     and *.dll.

   o Numerous changes were made to the tools, including a performance
     improvement to h5diff, when comparing HDF5 files with many attributes.

This release contains many other changes that are not listed here. Please
be sure to read the Release Notes for a comprehensive list of new features
and changes:


The interface-level changes in this release are also described in the
"HDF5 Software Changes from Release to Release" document found here:


Release of h4mapwriter 1.0.5

Version 1.0.5 of the h4mapwriter utility is now available, and can be
obtained from the h4mapwriter project page:


This release supports HDF 4.2.9 (HDF4).

The h4mapwriter utility creates an HDF4 file content map in XML for a
given HDF4 file. It enables the data to be retrieved from an HDF4 file
without relying on the HDF4 library.

For questions regarding these or other HDF issues, contact: