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                             Newsletter #116
                            September 3, 2010


  - Release of HDF5 1.8.5-patch1
  - New HDF5 High Level functions for region references, hyperslabs, and bit-fields
  - Pre-release snapshot of HDF-Java 2.7
  - RFC for h5edit tool
  - Events

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Release of HDF5 1.8.5-patch1

HDF5 1.8.5-patch1 has been released. It is a full source code release,
containing a few important changes and bug fixes, which include:

  - Numerous memory issues were fixed.

  - A bug was fixed that could cause file corruption when using non-default
    sizes of addresses and/or lengths. This bug, introduced in HDF5 1.8.5,
    could also cause uncorrupted files with this property to be unreadable.

  - CMake support for parallel Fortran was added.

To Obtain HDF5 1.8.5-patch1, go directly to:

This link can be reached from the HDF Downloads page:

The release notes contain detailed information regarding HDF5 1.8.5-patch1:

The documentation did not change for this release:

The HDF5 1.8.6 release will be available in October 2010, for those who prefer
to wait.

New HDF5 High Level functions for region references, hyperslabs, and bit-fields

We are pleased to announce a new set of C and Fortran convenience functions
designed to facilitate access to remote sensing data in HDF5. The data will be
gathered by a new generation of low earth orbiting satellites that monitor
environmental conditions for long-range weather and climate forecasts.
(Refer to the NPOESS project for details: http://www.hdfgroup.org/projects/npoess/)

The source code, installation instructions and a draft of the User's Guide are
available from:


The Reference Manual can be found at:


While these functions were created to facilitate access to NPOESS data, some
of them may be useful to anyone working with HDF5 region references, hyperslab
selections, or bit-fields. For a quick introduction to region references and
hyperslab selections see the HDF5 Tutorial:


We are looking forward to receiving your comments on this new set of

Pre-release snapshot of HDF-Java 2.7

A pre-release snapshot of HDF-Java 2.7 is available for download from:


This version of HDFView includes a new feature to display bit-field data
packed into an integer (a.k.a. NPOESS quality flags). It also includes
wrappers to support HDF5 1.8 features. For more information see:


RFC for h5edit tool

We are actively seeking input regarding a new tool, h5edit, that is under
development. This tool is a command-line tool for editing HDF5 files.
See the Request For Comments (RFC) page for more information:



September 28-30, 2010:
    HDF and HDF-EOS Workshop XIV (http://www.hdfeos.org/workshops/ws14/workshop_fourteen.php)

For questions or comments regarding these or other HDF issues, contact: