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                               Newsletter #107
                                May 15, 2009


    . Release of HDF5 1.8.3
    . Release of HDF5 1.6.9
    . Status of HDF5 1.6
    . Support Status of .NET 2003

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Release of HDF5 1.8.3

As of May 14th, the HDF5 1.8.3 release has been made available from the
HDF5 home page.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you downloaded the 1.8.3 software prior to May 14, 2009,
    you may encounter some performance issues, as discussed in the following


    Please download the software again to ensure that you have the latest
    officially released version.

The HDF5 Home Page is located here:


To download HDF5 1.8.3, see this page:


There are several new features and changes in HDF5 1.8.3,
which include:

  o The addition of new C functions (and some Fortran counterparts).

      The following functions have been added to enable raw data chunk
      cache properties to be set on a dataset access property list:

        H5Pset_chunk_cache (h5pset_chunk_cache_f)
        H5Pget_chunk_cache (h5pget_chunk_cache_f)
        H5Dget_access_plist (h5dget_access_plist_f)

      For further details, see the RFC:

      The following functions have been added to allow greater flexibility
      when traversing external links:


      For further details, see the RFC, at:

    Other new functions are:

        H5Iis_valid (h5iis_valid_f)

    o API versioning was added to the H5Z_class_t structure. H5Z_class_t is
      the structure used to define a user-defined filter. With this change,
      it will be easier to migrate applications that use user-defined filters
      to 1.8, and no changes to the code for registering the filter should be
      necessary. HOWEVER, this can cause problems for existing applications
      that link with the HDF5 1.8 library and use the 1.6 API, as H5Z_class_t
      will now map to the old structure definition. This can be fixed by
      modifying the code to take this into account, so the old version of the
      structure is used whenever compiling against 1.8.3. It can also be fixed
      by defining the macro H5Z_class_t_vers to 2 before including hdf5.h, to
      force the library to use the newer H5Z_class_t regardless of the API

    o The contents of the libhdf5.settings file has been embedded
      into the hdf5 executables so that "orphaned" executables can
      display (via the Unix strings command, for example) the library
      settings used to build the executables.

  o Many bug fixes

Please refer to the Release Notes for a comprehensive list of new features
and changes in this release:


Release of HDF5 1.6.9

The HDF5 1.6.9 release is now available, and can be downloaded from
the HDF5 Home Page, at:


The download page for HDF5 1.6.9 is located here:


HDF5 1.6.9 is a minor release with a few new features and changes.
Please refer to the Release Notes for a detailed list of what changed
in this release:


Status of HDF5 1.6

Please note that there will only be one more release of HDF5 1.6
(version HDF5 1.6.10), due out in November 2009. Although it is
not yet urgent to move to the HDF5 1.8 release, users are encouraged to
do so when possible.

Support Status of .NET 2003

HDF5 1.6.9 and HDF5 1.8.3 are the last HDF5 releases to
support .NET 2003.

For questions regarding these or other HDF issues, contact:


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