HDF mingw32


I fight to use HDF routines in my code but I meet plenty of problems.

My operating system : Windows XP
My compiler : mingw 4.5.2
Downloaded version of HDF : 4.2.8

I first tried to use pre-compiled libraries but I meet plenty of messages "undefined reference to @__security_check_cookie or __security_cookie. As these libraries have been compiled with a Visual C compilers, I had also tried to compile them myself but I do not succeed yet and have H4_F77_FUNC related errors. Example :

hproto_fortran.h:1612:13: warning: parameter names (without types) in function declaration

In fact it is not clear for me, how to set definition constants in h4config.h
For the moment, I just defined HAVE_LIBZ and HAVE_ZLIB_H as this library is already compiled.
Also it is not clear how to proceed with mingw32 and the order of operations
The install_mingw32 seems not to be present in this distribution.
Did somebody already used the precompiled libraries or has already successfully compiled with mingw32 on XP ?

Thanks in advance


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