HDF Group migration to github


Hi all,

Since we released VFD SWMR alpha 1, we’ve moved our source code from a Bitbucket server hosted at THG to github. The old Bitbucket link will still work, as we’re maintaining those repositories as read-only for the time being. Moving forward, though, new releases and updates will be done via github.

The canonical HDF5 repo:

The VFD SWMR alpha 1 release branch (same name as on Bitbucket):


Dana Robinson
Software Developer
The HDF Group


It seems the VFD SWMR is part of the HDF5 library. Can it be build as runtime plugin as well? If so, can it be used with previous versions of HDF5 or does it require functionality from 1.13 ?


I had the same question. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


VFD SWMR does not currently use anything that is 1.13 specific and probably could be moved to 1.12, 1.10, etc. though I have not tried doing this yet so there may be complications I’m unaware of. There is one operation that I might move to the new VFD ctl callback, but that’s just a refactoring and the existing scheme currently uses the older VFD class struct.

VFD SWMR currently requires some support from the main library, so I don’t see it being built as a plugin.