HDF 1.8.17-pre2 release candidate is available for testing

Hello everyone,

A second pre-release candidate version of HDF5 1.8.17 is available for testing and can be downloaded at the following link:


The HDF5 1.8.17-pre2 pre-release candidate has 2 changes from HDF 1.8.17-pre1:

* The default production mode has been switched from development to production.

* Two tests that failed trying to use a non-existent directory on Windows using ctest were fixed

If you have time to test this release candidate, we would greatly appreciate it. We try our best to test HDF5 on a variety of platforms and with multiple compilers, but there is always a system that we couldn't test on. Your feedback is critical. In the absence of reported problems that will seriously impair the operation of HDF5 1.8.17 we expect to complete its release by the end of the week.

CMake fans will need CMake 3.1 or greater to build HDF5-1.8.17.

The shared library version numbers for lib.so.* files in HDF5-1.8.17-pre2 have been updated according to libtool's versioning system and the changes in symbols from HDF5-1.8.16. The API compatibility report is at this link: https://gamma.hdfgroup.org/ftp/pub/outgoing/hdf5/interface_compatibility_report_hdf5_1.8.17-pre1. The effect on the numbers from HDF5-1.8.16 to HDF5-1.8.17-pre1 was to increase libhdf5.so.10.1.0 to libhdf5.so.10.2.0, libhdf5_hl.so.10.0.2 to libhdf5_hl.so.10.1.0, libhdf5_cpp.so.11.0.0 to libhdf5_cpp.so.12.0.0, libhdf5_hl_cpp.so.11.0.0 to libhdf5_hl_cpp.so.11.1.0, and all other wrapper library files from libhdf5*.so.10.0.2 to libhdf5*.so.10.0.3.

Your reports are invaluable and very much appreciated. Thank you and happy testing!



Larry Knox The HDF Group http://hdfgroup.org
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