H5py does not read float values correctly from file

I created a HDF5 file/dataset in C and it contains floating point values. The h5dump program shows the data as floating point as expected, with a header of:

HDF5 "avgout.h5" {
GROUP "/" {
   DATASET "avgpwr" {
      DATASPACE  SIMPLE { ( 281, 201 ) / ( 281, 201 ) }
      DATA {.....}

However, when I load the file in python with h5py, the type is incorrectly being read as an integer. How can I fix this?


This would be a major HDF5 bug so can you provide any additional information? Your file would be most helpful, or at least the part with the dataset in question. Other information like Python, HDF5 library, and h5py versions, as well as your code for reading would help, too.