H5P_FILE_CREATE_g errors with codeblocks IDE & mingw compiler

Hello all,

I'm new to HDF5 and have been experimenting with its API (ver 1.8.9) using the CodeBlocks::IDE and minGW compiler (v4.4.1 I guess)
I was able to quickly run a few simplistic examples but I'm running into troubles when trying to define a file property list.
Basically, I can compile and run code that calls H5open() and H5close(), but get linker errors when adding a H5Pcreate (H5P_FILE_CREATE) function call in between...(error such as H5P_FILE_CREATE_g unreferenced or something of the kind)
...I browsed the internet and it sounds like it's related to the _HDF5USEDLL_ option to be defined in the preprocessor but I could not manage to get past this difficulty so far.
Did anyone already run in similar issues and could help me find a way to get pas this difficulty ? I could try to update all my software - I guess none is at the latest version - but since I was simply trying to get a feel for using the HDF5 library, I was expecting it would not be needed...
Thanks for your help

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