h5labview: HDF5 bindings for LabVIEW

Announcing h5labview


I have been developing a new set of LabVIEW bindings to HDF5 over the past
year, which may be of interest to readers of this list. Inspired by the
existing LVHDF5 library and informed by our use of HDF5 in research, the
open-source project h5labview (http://h5labview.sf.net) aims to provide
fast read/write of large datasets, intuitive function interfaces, and
automatic clean-up to simplify error handling.

The library was been completely overhauled at the beginning of the year and
now uses XNodes to "adapt to type", enabling direct transfer of memory
between LabVIEW and C without requiring intermediary copies. Compound
datasets are supported via arrays of clusters, as well as read-out of
individual "columns". Both fixed and variable strings are supported.

I encourage any LabVIEW users to check it out, and welcome any feedback.
Functionality is being implemented as demand calls for it. Currently both
32- and 64-bit LabVIEW on Windows (version 2010 or newer) is supported.

Martijn Jasperse
PhD Student, Spinor BEC lab
School of Physics, Monash University, VIC 3800
Room G07A, Building 27, Clayton campus
Ph: +61 3 990 54136