H5fuse.sh and other HPC-related questions on Call the Doctor - Tuesday August 22 with Scot Breitenfeld

h5fuse.sh part 2 and more - Call the Doctor - August 22 - Scot Breitenfeld

Scot will give an update on his last Call the Doctor about using the subfiling h5fuse.sh, a tool from within an application when processing the subfiles into a valid HDF5 file. He will take other HPC-related questions.

To join, just jump on the zoom:
Launch Meeting - Zoom
August 22, 2023 12:20 p.m. central time US/Canada

Want to catch up on Scot’s last session? Video here:

Sorry–the 'video department" at The HDF Group is catching up from our recent HUG event, so the Call the Doctor session from August 22nd has just now been posted:

You can also listen as a podcast episode.