h5diff and ignoring attributes



I work on software that uses the R package rhdf5 (https://bioconductor.org/packages/release/bioc/html/rhdf5.html) to write HDF5 files. h5diff is used to compare HDF5 files for equality within our regression tests. As of rhdf 2.34.0, ‘rhdf5-NA.OK’ attributes are automatically added to HDF5 files that are written using rdf5. The presence of this attribute causes our h5diff comparisons to fail if HDF5 files produced in an environment with rhdf 2.34.0 or above are compared to those produced in an environment with rhd5 prior to 2.34.0 (even if all other attributes and data within the HDF5 files are identical).

It would be useful for h5diff to ignore certain attributes when comparing files. I’m aware this request has been raised before (h5diff --exclude-path for attributes, Oct 2012) with the response that “Unfortunately the h5diff doesn’t have option to ignore attribute yet. It’s in the task queue but not yet supported due to no funding source.” I was wondering whether this was still in the task queue and whether there was a plan to a implement this in h5diff

I do appreciate that longer term this will not be an issue as, in time, our users’ will all end up using rhdf 2.34.0 plus anyway.

thanks and best wishes,