h5cc - powerpc-linux-gcc -I$GRE -L$GRE 2012-cp777-Interface.c -lntcan -o 2012-cp777-Interface


I want use the hdf5 Format in a ANSI-C Code on a PPC [ppc_6xx = PowerPC processors based on 60x cores with FPU (This includes support for MPC5xxx, 7xx, 82xx, 83xx and P40xx processors).]

First I use the h5cc -o h5_write h5_write.c for testing on my ubuntu 10.04 64bit. It runs :).

Now I want use the "#hdf5.h" functions in my application with "powerpc-linux-gcc -I$GRE -L$GRE 2012-cp777-Interface.c -lntcan -o 2012-cp777-Interface".

But I don't know how can I do this. As source I test http://www.hdfgroup.org/ftp/HDF5/current/src/ in powerpc-linux-gcc with the same mistakes as gcc -o h5_write h5_write.c on amd64.

How can I implement the hdf5 write function in my ANSI-C code for powerpc-linux-gcc cross compile? About informations I'm very happy.

Greeting Markus


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