Getting Started

Hello All,

I'm a newbie to HDF5 and I want to use HDF5 in a C# application.

But I'm having some trouble Getting started as I don't know the exact steps
to be followed.

I downloaded a C# example from But I cannot compile it,
apparently because I have downloaded older / newer version of HDF5DotNet
dll. Methods like alloc(), free() in the example code have different
signatures. And if I take out a these error lines and compile, I get the
following System.BadImageFormatException message:

"Could not load file or assembly 'HDF5DotNet.dll' or one of its
dependencies. is not a valid Win32 application. (Exception from HRESULT:

Also, the example code has a reference to 'HDF5.NET' which has a warning
sign on it, maybe the .Net Framework versions of the app and the reference

Can someone please point me to some documentation, which I can use to learn
new things and implement them? Or give me some basic info here using which I
can get started.