Getting started in JAVA

HDF5 NOOB. I have tried my best at searching for a getting started in Java thread. I apologize if I missed it. If such a thread or external page exists, I would appreciate the link.

I want just the basics: to read and write HDF5 in Java. Google searches direct me to the old site which then direct me to the HDF portal, and I can’t find anything java related there.

Again I apologize if this is an annoying FAQ.


Have a look at HDFql. See section 3.3 of the reference manual for a Java example.
Come back to this thread, if HDFql can’t do what you’d like to achieve w/ HDF5, and you like to write Java code that looks like C :wink:



Thank you! (And I love programming C in java!)

Hi @david.heddle,

In addition to HDFql reference manual, you may want to have a look at some examples on how to use HDFql in Java here.

Hope it helps!