Fortran H5P_SET_LIBVER_BOUNDS_F in 1.12

In the Fortran wrappers one have limited usage of H5P_SET_LIBVER_BOUNDS_F, because the only available options of low and high are H5F_LIBVER_EARLIEST_F and H5F_LIBVER_LATEST_F.

We want to start experimenting with 1.12 soon. We have no desire what so ever to create HDF5 files that are 1.8 compatible any more, since we have been using 1.10 for a long time, however, we more or less need to guarantee that our files are 1.10 version readable. We also currently use some 1.10-only features such as virtual datasets and enjoy them very much.

As far as I see the Fortran wrapper H5P_SET_LIBVER_BOUNDS_F just call the underlying C routine directly, the numerical integer value of low and high are identical, so it is just to add the lacking H5F_LIBVER_V18_F, H5F_LIBVER_V110_F and so on in the Fortran module to gain the full functionality of this property.

I suppose we are not the only one in the same situation. Maybe it can be considered in some 1.12 version?

I entered a JIRA issue,

Thanks for the report.